I bring thirty-five years of writing experience to every freelance assignment.

I do some Content Creation for corporate, advertising, and web clients. I have profiles on Crowd Content, Constant Content, Crowd Source, and Ghostbloggers.

I have published widely: excerpted chapters from my critical study of the films of Alfred Hitchcock in university journals, to food and lifestyle reviews in online publications such as Olive Oil Times.

I have written about film, painting, sculpture, mixed media, installation, conceptual art, video, photography, dance, architecture, theater, food, wine, travel, politics, social media, and gender.

I believe in Ezra Pound's adage: "Less is More." In other words, I know how to a) listen carefully to what a client wants in a piece, b) construct the most articulate and penetrating way of discussing that particular subject without wasting words or phrases which do not contribute something to the idea.